Model Nr. BEG220A1

900W 125mm Haakse slijper met diamant slijpschijf

The powerful 900W Angle Grinder makes easy work of cutting through metal pipes, stone slabs and ceramic floor tiles, as well as rust and paint removal. The compact 125mm disc diameter allows you to access those confined areas at home. Feel at-ease with even more control, with the soft start engine which reduces movement of the tool on startup, a lock on switch and 3 different handle positions. Complete any cutting and grinding project with this 900W 125mm Angle Grinder and Diamond Disc.

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Eigenschappen + Voordelen

  • Ideal for grinding away rust, cutting bolt heads and other renovation tasks
  • Spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy
  • 900W motor provides an ideal balance between power, weight and size
  • 125mm disc size - useful when working in confined spaces
  • Soft start reduces movement of the tool on startup increasing user control
  • No-volt release switch prevents the unit from starting unintentionally when locked on. Switch must consciously reset before power is delivered.
  • 3 position side handle for additional control and safety
  • Lock on switch assists with comfort and control
Black and Decker - 900W 125mm Haakse slijper met diamant slijpschijf - BEG220A1

Product Specificaties

Voeding Gesnoerd
Afmeting schijf 125 mm
Opgenomen vermogen 900 W
Voltage stopcontact 230 V
Onbelast toerental 12000 tpm
Nulspanningsschakelaar Ja
Zachte start Ja
Sleutelvrij verstelbare beschermkap Ja
Afmeting as M14
Inclusief Accessoires Ja
Spindelvergrendeling Ja
Tweede handgreep Ja
Koffer Nee
Geluidsdruk 98 dB(A)
Geluidsvermogen 109 dB(A)
Vibratie 5.9 m/s²
Gewicht 1.8 kg
  • Doorslijpen van metalen buizen
  • Cementvoegen uitslijpen
  • Removing rust from metal work
  • Removing excess weld
  • Inner + outer disc flange
  • Protective guard
  • zijhandgreep
  • 125mm Small Angle Grinder
  • Diamond Disc

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